Can a viewer bookmark sections in Interactive video?


I am using H5P in Moodle. 

I have created an interactive video where I got some activities and some bookmarked sections. Since the video is a bit too long and has multiple concepts, I want to allow the viewers/ students to set bookmarks wherever they want.

When I view the video as a student, I see only the bookmarks I set as a creator and I am not allowed to bookmark anything as a student. Is it possible at all? 




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Hi Sreekanth,

No, I'm afraid viewers cannot create their own bookmarks.


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Dear BV52,

maybe you are able to describe to the OP why it is impossible to set bookmarks by users in a simple way. I try to take care for this post, because I've try to learn by trial and error, and trying again.

Nevertheless, it could also be a goal at some point that learners can influence the content to be learned.
I try to do this in part by introducing my pupils to H5P myself in primary school. When else are they supposed to learn it?
You learn best when you try to explain something to others.



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Hi Villon,

Thank you for the observations and suggestions.


Thanks BV for clarifying.

Hope the developers add this in future. I believe this will help students a lot.

- Sreekanth