360 Tour shrink images.

Hi there.

I´m trying to set a 360° virtual tour on Moodle 3.10 and the equidistal images I upload, get shrinked.

I tryed the example image provided by h5p, and no error ocurred, so I don´t now what is wrong. My images looks normally at any browser but when a upload to content type occurre as I said. ¿Can anybody help me? Thank you all.

(Sorry for my english. I don´t like google translator).

Content types: 
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Hi profechavez05,

Would you mind providing a screenshot of the issue.


Thank you for your response.

I didn´t feedback before because I solved de issue by using "360fly director" software. Firstable, taking a 360 video, and then, making a equirectangular convertion using that software.

Thank you again. I really apreciate.

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Hello again profechavez05,

It would be nice and helpful if you could describe in more detail how you solved the problem so that others can benefit from it.

Most of the time, problems arise in details that you can't foresee. This happened to me recently when I took over an H5P module from another website, where suddenly there were special characters in a button that you couldn't see when you created it. So please be so kind and describe in more detail how you solved this.

Thank you villon

I have the exact same problem, any solution? Thank you!

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Hi profechavez05,

maybe you try to use deepl.com as a translator.

Greetings villon