Quiz timers and direct feedback?

Maybe i just don't see it but is there a possibility to add timers to quizes? And is there the possibility to have direct feedback after a question has been answered (maybe in the form of a pop up)? 

I'm new at this site so if these questions already has been answered sorry for wasting your time. Couldn't find a search in the forums. 
Last but not least, i love this tool and especially that it gives som much room for creativity without being a developer. :D



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Hi Finn !

There is no "timers" inluded with the H5P activities as far as I know. As for me, I am now using this free countdown plugin : https://www.pineconecomputing.com/index.php/countdown-timer-plugin/

It displays a highly customizable timer on pageload and when time is up, you can hide the following H5P content and give your user the possibility to reload the page to retry the activity for instance. It is a bit tricky to use, but effective. Here is a video of what you can get : http://take.ms/LHLM9.

You'll have to use shortcodes like this one to activate it (see documentation) : [countdowntimer id='timer402' starts='pageload' theme='theme4' hideday='true' hidehour='true' hidewhendone='.h5p-iframe-wrapper' hidewhencounting='#recharger' showwhendone='#recharger' ends='120s'] Le temps est écoulé. Clique ici si tu veux recommencer l'exercice. [h5p id="53"]

I hope that this is helpful !



Thanks so much!  I've got it all working EXCEPT the HIDE and SHOW part for the link to reload the page and start over.  It's not working correctly.  Can you explain, IN DETAIL (as I'm not a programmer) how this works inside WordPress?

This part:    hidewhencounting='#recharger' showwhendone='#recharger' ends='120s'] Le temps est écoulé. Clique ici si tu veux recommencer l'exercice

I'm assuming that that line of TEXT is supposed to be hidden while it's counting down.. and then appear after time is up.  But on my screen it's not going away to be hidden at all, and when I click on it, after the time is gone, nothing happens.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Doug  :)


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Sorry that I didn't see this thread earlier. Also, I'm not sure if this info is of any help since you say you're not a programmer. Anyway.

There is https://github.com/otacke/h5p-timer and using it should be fairly simple to add a timer to content types. Someone just has to do it. For a fact, I know that someone is trying to get the hang of coding for H5P by adding a timer to true-false, but I don't know about the progress.

If that turns out fine, the approach could also be used in h5p-question which basically offers the structure for all the quiz content types and could make it easy to add timers to other content typrs -- but that's a different story and should be discussed with the core team beforehand.

What I was missing was putting the ID inside the <a href   tag as a reference for the hide/show commands.  Once I did that, it started working.


When using drupal, you can also 'embed' the h5p content in a quiz and add a jquery countdown as a quiz addon: https://www.drupal.org/project/jquery_countdown. This worked for me, although it would be great to have something similar added to the question set (next to the dots / textual options in the progress indicator) in the quiz introduction.

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I agree, definitively something I hope to see as an option for many of the H5P content types soon!

Hi Falcon,

Do you have any idea or thought about mine second question: if there is a possibility to have direct feedback after a question has been answered (maybe in the form of a pop up)? 

Greetings Finn

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Hi Finn,

Some coding is required to achieve that. You can use the xAPI integration to know when a question has been answered.



Thanks for the suggestion right now i'am using wordpress. But maybe in the future ill try drupal. :)