Submitting correct answers and getting response that it's incorrect

HI - I'm using through Canvas, mostly Drag the Words and Drag and Drop. 

The words go to the right columns, but then when I click SUBMIT at the bottom it shows all the answers as incorrect. 

Please help! 

I can't figure out how to attach it, either. 

I get stuck on this sometimes - there is a specific place that you go to tell it which are the correct answers, this is different from 'which area can accept a specific item". On the item to be dragged it lets you select 'drop zones' - these are the allow-able spots you can drag things into, but they're not the correct answers. When you've created your drop-able items edit the drop-zones themselves to select which items are correct answers for that zone. 

If that wasn't the issue I apologize, it's my best guess based on the thing I get stuck with when creating this item so I am hoping this helps!

Thank you! First time I've ever gotten a solution from a forum like this. Got it now...only have to go back and correct ten or so activities haha.

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Hi TeacherIngrid,

I agree with Tambolina with Drag and Drop, I actually created a short video on how to create a D&D with multiple drop zones and draggables. However Drag the Words is a totally different. So here is my suggestion since you mentioned that you are using Canvas this leads me to assume that you are using to host your contents. If this is the case I would suggest that you send an email to [email protected]. When sending the email I suggest that you include the URL of the contents that have this issue.

@Tambolina thank you for the suggestion.