New Service Online to Convert H5P-Files to offline-runnable ZIP-Packages

Here is a new service we just created:


Just try it out, use it.


If is not working in some hours, that is probably because we just change some things and try out new stuff.



Just added a new feature: With some php-scripts it is now pssible to directly play h5p from the server. No need to convert them, all is done on the fly. So you can just put an h5p-File to your server and link to the virtual-index-file in it.


Anyone interested in this project?


Works quite fine ...

how to convert


Thanks guys for building this! Such a great way to publisize content anywhere! No word press or moodle needed and no accounts and passwords! This is ideal for sharing for good formative learning that does not require tracking. Well done. Please keep it going!

Hi, I read that: All fonts, images, scripts and styles from are included in the downloaded ZIP-File. Does this also include audio files? Thanks!

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If you download an H5P file, actually nothing that's part of H5P core ( will be in the file. But I assume you don't really mean H5P core.

If you download an H5P file, it will include

  • all the content libraries that are required in addition to H5P core to run the content (JavaScript and CSS, potentially also fonts or other valid resources),
  • all the parameters and metedata that the author entered when creating the content
  • all the media that the author uploaded when creating the content (images, videos and audios), but not those that may have only be linked to (e.g. links to audio or video files, videos on Vimeo/YouTube/...)

If you use a conversion tool to create a static HTML version, then in addition to the aforementioned, all the libraries from H5P core ( will be in the export as well, but those do not include any audio files.


thanks Oliver for the clarification! The tool is useful. :)

Hi, I read that: All fonts, images, scripts and styles from are included in the downloaded ZIP-File. Does this also include audio files? Thanks!

Great work!

Just an additional idea for the zip-archive:

Could you add an imsmanifest.xml to the package?


Because that would mean that the package would be compatible to SCORM standard!

That means: the zip-Package could be importet to other LMS like itslearning, OLAT and many others .

This is the code for a imsmanifest.xml. Just replace the "title" with the name of the zip - file and the "index.html" files with the name of the html- File in your package.



Manifest template to demonstrate the proper XML namespace declarations for

SCORM 1.2 manifests. 


Provided by Rustici Software -


<manifest xmlns="" xmlns:adlcp="" xmlns:xsi="" identifier="com.scorm.manifesttemplates.scorm12" version="1" xsi:schemaLocation=" imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd imsmd_rootv1p2p1.xsd adlcp_rootv1p2.xsd">


<schema>ADL SCORM</schema>



<organizations default="B0">

<organization identifier="B0">


<item identifier="i1" identifierref="r1" isvisible="true">






<resource identifier="r1" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormtype="sco" href="index.html">

<file href="index.html"/>




Hi. We have had issue with our h5p being on 1.23 on our moodle site and have some files made on 1.26. They won't load to our moodle and so i thought your cool zip function might be a good solution. Unfortunately it converts but does not work when loaded as a webpage. I tested it with files made in 1.23 h5p and it works fine. So it might need tweaking to get the 1.26 files to work

Would you be so kind to provide a not working test.h5p?


You can send it via email, my adress can be found in the readme.txt in the downloaded zip-package.


I only stop by here very occasionally so if you answer here, it can last quite long before I read the answer.

actually we are running 1.25 in our moodle