Flashcards - copy image details from one card to another

I am creating a set of flashcards and using a generic image. How can I avoid having to re-enter the same alt text and copyright details, again and again, for every card? 

(I’d rather just have text-based flashcard to avoid this issue altogether but that isn’t an option). 

If I could duplicate the card then I could just change the card question/ answer. However, when I try to copy a single card I copy the entire activity, and when I paste it I overwrite everything I’ve already done. So that doesn't seem useful.

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Hello KyrenBurns,

somehow I haven't quite understood which part of the production process you want to optimise. Maybe you can explain that a bit more clearly. But when I think about it, the cli-creator by Sebastian Rettig would be something for you and then you would only have to add the alt tag and the copyright information. This may seem tedious if you use an image that is not in the public domain, which would be an alternative. Otherwise it is just hard work.

Hi François,

Firstly, thanks for replying so quickly.

I’ll try and explain what I’m doing in more detail.

I’m using Flashcards to create a learning activity to test students’ recall. There are 18 questions.

None of the questions require an image, but the Flashcards activity type doesn’t allow me to have a text-only quiz. Therefore, I have to add an image for each of the cards.

As I don’t need to use any images I’m certainly not going to spend my time searching for 18 different images. Therefore, I’ve got a single, generic, image that I intend to use for all 18 cards (a picture of a house).

The image is a Creative Commons-licensed image, used under a license that requires attribution. Therefore, I need to add the copyright information every time I use the image.

I created the first Flashcard, added the image, then added the alt text and copyright information. This involved uploading the image then copying and pasting half a dozen lines of text.

While this process didn’t take long (only two or three minutes) I will have to do this for every single image, even though it is the same image each time. This means that the process of creating all 18 cards could take up to an hour.

However, if I was able to copy and paste/ duplicate an individual card I could achieve the same result in around a minute, saving up to an hour of my time.

There are a number of topics I work on where Flashcards would be a useful learning activity but none of them require specific images. However, as the process of creating cards is so time-consuming I tend not to use them, and use the MCQ option instead, as it is much quicker. Unfortunately, this means that students will get less variety in their learning activities, which, I think, is less engaging for them.

I hope that explains my situation better.

I’ve had a look at the h5p-cli-creator page, thanks for that. It does sound as if it might help solve my problem. But, I’m not a programmer (so, don’t understand all the instructions) and I’m not a system admin (so, don’t have access to the back end of our site to upload stuff, I use the VLE instead). However, I’ll ask around my organisation to see if there is someone who can help me check it out.

Once again, thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing if you have any other ideas on how I can solve my problem.



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Hello Kyren,

maybe you should use pictures under a public domain license or pixabay license, then there is no need for attributions.

If the picture is only supposed to show an approximate context, that should be fine.



PS: I was pleased that you knew the first name of the notorious Villon ;-)


Yes, good point about the public domain images. That would solve some of the problem. Thanks.

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