What's for dinner - branching scenario 002


Hello H5P Enthusiasts!

I made this simple Branching Scenario example to show how to keep your questions and outcomes organized with coded titles.


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HI eLearnLyra,

Thank you so much for sharing this!


Thanks BV! I hope my coding method helps others to find things easily when there are many branches.

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I wanted to try your What to make for dinner h5p content (on my local site).

But I'm getting this error message:

Validating h5p package failed.

The system was unable to install the Course Presentation component from the package, it requires a newer version of the H5P plugin. This site is currently running version 1.24, whereas the required version is 1.25 or higher. You should consider upgrading and then try again.

I don't understand, the latest available version of Course Presentation is 1.24. How did you manage to create your content with a 1.25 version?


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It was created with H5P.com then that already runs 1.25. You can "downgrade" by uploading the content with a user role that is not allowed to install H5P libraries forcing it to use 1.24 - which will work, because the parameter structure was not changed.

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... on the other hand your h5p content "eLearn 001 Lily of the Valley" works fine.

Hi Papi Jo! I remade the branching scenario in WordPress. I was not aware of the different version, since I am mostly using H5P.com account.

Please see the file elearn-002-branching-scenario-dinner.h5p. 

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Thanks, works fine!