Interactive video completion tracking


Thank you team for this wornderful plugin which is helping a lot for education

Since everything automated these days can we have little advanced  video completion tracking

Below is the some examples

Its much appreciated, if we can implement such in H5P

Also a button option to next activity upon completion of the current one



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Hi jasimp,

Wouldn't it be redundant to create a feature that already exists in most LMS/CMS. And since H5P is designed to be hosted inside an LMS/CMS it can already take advantage of some of these existing features.


The addition of completion tracking based on view/watch time and completion of video would be a valuable enhancement to the interactive video feature. This is needed in many compliance training or continuing education courses. Thank you.

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I always wonder why such an option is considered useful. I mean, you learn that a video has played for n seconds or 95 % of the video has run, but not that a person has actually watched the video or - beware - learned something from it. Is this just for being able to comply with rules that someone else imposes and who merely wants to have something to tick off a check list? I am not a teacher, so this may be a ridiculously stupid question and I may completely miss the value of such a feature in a pedagogical setting.

BV: Moodle has that option, but H5P would need to deliver the respective information. This would require to change H5P.Video and H5P.InteractiveVideo, probably implementing this as xAPI statements and potentially xAPI extensions. The plugin for moodle would also need to be changed in order to track those new xAPI features and implementing the respective API in moodle.

Interactive Video allows to disable skipping, so you can force a video to be played completely in combination with some exercise at the end. I don't know how that together with scoring will translate into moodle's activity tracking, but this could be a workaround and worth trying.