Display of a Drag and Drop Interaction

Hello All.

In my Moodle LMS I setup all my media content (pictures and videos) to 750px width. It is possible to set the "task size" of a drag and drop interaction to 750px but in the course it will be shown depending on the screen size. I have a 4k screen, in my case a big 4k screen. The drag and drop task on my screen is simple as big as possible. Do I make something wrong???



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Hello KJ,

was that made with the black or blue H5P?

And by the way ? are no herd animals

greetings villon

Hi Villon,

I was not thinking enough, sorry. Actually, it is very easy. I am using H5P in Moodle 4. I was using H5P simply with the blue button within the course. When you do it like this the H5P learning module extends to the width of the browser. When you integrate the H5P learning module into a text field or text page it is just as big as the content area in Moodle.

Thank you for your feedback, Problem solved


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