Image "File Type Isn't Allowed"

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This has been happening for some time now.  Originally I thought it was just a glitch and would clear itself up.  It hasn't.

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

This has happened in multiple content types (Drag and Drop Image, Course Presentation, Image Hotspots, among others).  It has happened on my Wordpress site as well as attempting to make at

Desktop computer as well as laptop

Chrome and Firefox

I have tried with multiple images, and multiple image file types.  In none of the cases did the image size exceed the allowed size.  The most recent was 16.6 kb.

I took some images to illustrate what's happening:


I desperately want to continue to use H5P in my courses to make interactive activities for my students, but until I can upload images, I'm severely limited in what I am able to create.  


Thank you for your help!


Content types: 
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Hi Dawnie!

There's a bug with images that have a suffix in uppercase characters. Use lowercase characters until the fix has been applied to the WordPress plugin and to the Drupal plugin, and it should work.


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Thanks for your suggestion Oliver!  The image name was "background", but in a folder that had uppercase characters, so I changed the folder to lowercase characters as well - but yet it still did not work.  Any other ideas?

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Thanks for your suggestion Oliver.  The image was named "background", but was in a folder that had uppercase characters.  I changed the folder name to only lowercase characters, but it still will not work.  Any other thoughts?

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Hi Dawnie,

You need to change the suffix or file extension of the image to lower case. It's the .jpg or .png. You can read more about this issue in this thread. You can also check my comment here if in case the file extension is not showing on your end.


Using SaveAs  OR Rename option rename the picture extension name into lowercase (.JPG into .jpg)

I was using "Snipping Tool" on Windows and the image was rejected everytime. I tried everything here and on the Internet to change the file extension. Nothing worked. I switched to the "Snip & Sketch" app, and even though the file extension appeared as an uppercase file extension when saving, H5P accepted it. So, the tool that you use to take the screenshot may affect the results. I'm going with native Windows tools. It would be interesting if someone using Snagit had similar problems.