WordPress: Problem adding new content

Just installed H5P on WordPress. Install seemed to go fine, everything seems to work except the actual adding of new content.

When I try to add any new content, where the visual editor should be, I just get a line like:




The visual editor is missing; I guess that [field... line is supposed to be replaced by the editor code. I still see the accordion tabs for "Settings for "Show solution" button and "Retry" and "Settings and texts".

Any ideas what the problem might be? There are no errors in the browser console. Thanks!

Additional info: I did try turning off all other plugins, no change.

WordPress version is 4.4.2 because we can't update to the latest version just yet.

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That is strange. Seems that you are missing the custom editor wizards. Could you go into your dashboard under H5P Content -> libraries and share the list of libraries here?

I can try to copy and paste the list but the libraries seemed to install normally when I installed the plugin and they're all listed under "Libraries". I think it said 84 libraries installed but can't remember exactly. I tried it on my local machine (XAMPP) and it works fine, so I'm guessing there's a server security setting and/or file permissions setting that is causing the issue. I'll have our server person look at the error logs today and see if we can figure out the problem; if we do I'll post the cause/solution here.

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Ok, thanks!

I amn facing [field:group:wizard:interactiveVideo] problem can any one please help me


Check this forum post, maybe something there will help:


When we had this problem, we realized that not all of the necessary files were there. Make sure that all of the H5P files are on the server. Not just in the H5P plugin folder, there should also be a bunch of H5P files in the WordPress /uploads/ folder.