Extend the layout and functionality of interactive video

Extend the layout and functionality of interactive video:

- add possibility to upload several videos.

- Present a layout with one "videoplayer" in center area and "navigation links" in bottom area (list of links to the other videos. when clicked it will start the video in the "videoplayer")

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Thanks for contributing sugestions. :)

Is what you are suggesting similar to a video playlist (like on youtube)?

- Tom

Yes correct, a similar to Youtube playlist

Is it easy to create ? Or does it exist already in current version of h5p?

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No, it doesn't exist in H5P. And it would probably not be a easy thing to add either.

But a good suggestion anyway :)

- Tom

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I think it might be fairly easy if you do it similarly to "Question Set". While the latter bundles different question types, something such as "Video Set" might group different Interactive Videos and offer some additional GUI elements for switching videos.

Does this sound feasible,  or am I missing a crucial problem that might arise?

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I think it's possible, but that it will take quite a lot of time to realize.

  1. Where does the IVs live? Are they locked inside the Set? If not, we need the Set to use H5Ps outside itself.
  2. Editor: If the IVs live inside the Set, will the editor be a group of IV editors?
  3. Frontend: Easy part :)

- Tom

PS: I think there are some plans, to make it possible to embed existing H5Ps inside an H5P. And to reuse the same content multiple places.

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I had not thought of #2. 

hi guys thank you very much for the interactive video feature

i want to create menu and submenu like some kind of navigation, is there a way to it ?

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Hi Made21,

The closest you have to a menu would be the bookmarks.