vimeo with domain protection not working in interactive video on apple products


fist let me say, how amazing H5P is! Thank you for your efforts! 

We believe we have found a bug, which I want to share.

Problem summary: vimeo video with embedded protection to a domain on, does not load on iOs in H5P

General info: We use vimeo as our video service. To protect our videos we have the vimeo "domain protection" set to only our domain. This allows our videos to be played back only if they are on our domain.

Used software: We use wordpress.

Tested without H5P: All works fine across all platforms (widows, android, iOS), if the protected videos are embedded only in wordpress directly. 

Found behavior: The issue starts, when using H5P interactive video. The H5P interactive video with embedded vimeo content works perfectly on windows (chrome, firefox) and also on android (chrome, firefox). But on tested apple devices (iPads, iPhones - Safari and Chrome) we found that when the domain protection is on the video is not loaded stating "video could not be loaded".

Expected behavior: Independent of windows/android/apple, videos with "embed restriction" should play even when within H5P (even on iOs devices)

Tried solutions: When embedding protection is turned off, videos play just fine on iOs

Contacted providers: We wrote with vimeo, thinking that might be an issue with them, but their statement after checking with send level support is, that this issue is due to H5P and not vimeo, adding:

"It's also worth noting that Vimeo's privacy settings and custom embed settings do not apply to third-party player links. The third-party player you're using might support its own set of customizations, but you will need to check out their support documentation for more info. To learn more, visit our help center article here."

Any thoughts on this?


vimeo with domain protection not working in interactive video on apple products

How you Insert the Vimeo Video?

Hi Somion,

under H5P (in wordpress) we create the interactive video and then set the link (i.e. - this number is just an example ) unter "Youtube-Link or other video-URL". 

On the frontend we then use gutenberg shortcode block with the H5P ID.

As said, all works fine under windows and android. Apple products are the only ones that cause this isseu.

If we set "embed anywhere" under vimeo, it also works for Apple products. We talked to vimeo already and their tech support states it is a H5P problem.

Any ideas on how to solve it?

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If we set "embed anywhere" under vimeo, it also works for Apple products. We talked to vimeo already and their tech support states it is a H5P problem.

Did they potentially leave some more information on what causes the issue or were they merely saying it's H5P? Not ruling the latter out by any means, but if Vimeo know it's not a problem with Vimeo, they should be able to tell in more detail what the problem is caused by.


Hi Oliver, no, they just stated that given that when the video is not within H5P it works just fine and when within H5P it works on windows and android, but not iOS it is definitely H5P....

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Can't be that pressing if it took 9 months to answer :-D Someone with a vimeo pro account who can change the embed setting to something else then "everywhere" and "nowhere" will need to look into this this - and it would help if that person knew what exactly you configured for the domain that the content can be embedded into.

After talking to vimeo, I just had little confidence anyone could/would do anything about it, so I set all our videos to "everywhere" and lived with it. It was also because we created few new content with h5p that it actually didn't pop-up. But we picked up the pace and usage of h5p again, preparing more content and the issue came up again. And now it is basically always a decision ... is this video important enough to remain hidden, thus no h5p content, or would it be more useful to have h5p content with the downside of allowing the video to be embedded anywhere.

And we just believe it would be nice to have h5p AND be able to hide the video.

For the domain. You just go to the privacy options (when you click on the video and then in the top menu the 3rd button (fist is analysis, second commends and third the one for the settings - the name depends on what you have selected as "link" option.) At the bottom you find embed anywhere / nowhere / specific domains.

And there you select "specific domains" and just put "" as you domain to be allowed. We had our set to "", but I would be surprised, if .com or .de would make the difference (but have not tested it, as we have no .com domain).

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I know how to find the settings, but you cannot limit the embed to specific domains unless you have a Pro account or higher - hence my comment.

What are you looking for? We have a pro account, so maybe I can supply what you need.

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I am not looking for anything :-) But if one wanted to, one would check the development console (by remote inspection) for error messages that should allow to pinpoint the issue.

I have also prepared a testing site with/without embedded active only for vimeo and with/without h5p all copared on one page (that was here, but noone was interested, so I took it down again. It is a bit of work, but I can prepare it again, if that would help you to find and fix the problem.

Basicly I showed

  • youtube
  • vimeo with embedded
  • vimeo without embedded
  • h5p with vimeo with embedded
  • h5p with vimeo without embedded

If you would need anything else on the page, you could just let me know. Would you then be able to locate the problem and potentially fix it?


Estou enfrentando o mesmo problema. Os videos incorporados do vimeo não funcionam em dispositivos APPLE. Realizei diversos testes mudando a privacidade de domínio e ainda assim não funcionou. O video roda apenas quando jogo o arquivo em MP4 diretamente nele.

"I am facing the same problem. Embedded videos from Vimeo do not
work on APPLE devices. I carried out several tests changing the
domain privacy and it still didn't work. The video only plays
when I play the MP4 file directly on it."