interactive video not loading on iPad - EDIT: due to domain restriction?


I have created an interactive video using a vimeo video (for test purposes added youtube as well).

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It works just fine on desktop and android, but when running it on an iPad OS 16.3 (no matter if Chrome or Safari - sorry can't find the version numbers anywhere on the iPad...) it only states "The Vimeo video could not be loaded."

I have tested vimeo videos by themselves (no h5p, just directly in a wordpress vimeo container) and those work just fine on the iPad. I have also tested "drag & drop" by itself and also that is working fine. So it seems to be the interactive video.

I have found multiple people having similar problems:

but never a solution...

By the way we have vimeo plus, so the links look something like this: But I do not believe that should be an issue anymore (seemed like an issue in the past), given that we see the video on desktop and android. It seems to be apple specific....

EDIT: I have also included another video, where the setting is "Embed: Where can the video be embedded? - Anwhere" (after reading, and now the video shows.

Anyone has any idea, what the issue could be, and how to solve it? We do want the domain limit, as the videos are course videos and we want it to be only embedded on our sites.




interactive video not loading on iPad due to domain restriction
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Under H5P we create a new interactive video, and then put the video link (the numer is just a placeholder here, not a real video) under "YouTube-Link or another video-url".

And on the frontend, we then include the h5p in gutenberg shortcode block.

As said, it works perfectly fine under windows and android, the only issue is with apple products.