Retry option count

Is there any option to define the no. of times retry option to be enable?

retry option count
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Short answer: No. 

Could you please consider developing an option to have a delay before retrying a quiz?

My use case: I'm using the question-set feature to validate the knowledge acquisition by learners in Moodle courses.
I love this H5P feature that looks really nicer than Moodle native quiz. But I miss one this thing.
Altough I'm defining many questions, which only some are presented, I'm having learners that immediately retry the quiz like 4 or 5 times to pass it. I'd really would like to be able discourage this. 
The native Moodle quiz does it: we can specify a delay for the 2nd attempt. I don't use this. And we can specify a delay for any futher attempt (after the 2nd). I usually set it to 15 minutes. This encourge learners to go back to the course content to review what they haven't understood...

Thank you for your great work!

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It's up to H5P Group (which I am not a part of) to decide about that.

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Hi caujoulat,

I suggest that you post a separate feature request. There are no guarantees that it will be implemented but having a separate post is a lot better than adding into another thread.