Show/Hide Solution in Drag & Drop activities

Hi, there doesnt appear to be a menu option to show or hide the solution to drag and drop activities. Is there any easy way to add this without sourcing an external developer? Or has anyone achieved this already and happy to share? Thanks

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Further to the above feature request - I actually think it may be a bug? I have 2 drag and drop activities 1 currently has the behavioural settings as 'require user input before solution can be viewed' ✓ - when the activity is viewed and user attempts to answer the question, no 'show solution' button is available to view. This example is within the 'interactive video' interaction. I have tried the setting in a stand alone drag and drop activity with the 'require user input before solution can be viewed' option checked and it does not appear to show here either.

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There is no 'show solution' mode in "Drag Question". However you do get a feedback to your answers when just pressing 'check'.

The 'require user input before solution can be viewed' comes into play when "Drag Question" is part of compound content types that requires answers before allowing the user to proceed, i.e. in "Question Set". I can see how this option has a confusing name though.

The 'show solution' feature is not implemented in Drag Question. There is no easy way to visualize all permutations of answers in a "Drag Question". Feel free to create a pull request or a feature request post for this if you feel like you have a good idea of how this could be implemented for all permutations of options in Drag Question.

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Please help testing it. See

we got any succes to achieve this "Show Solution" button in drag and drop content type.

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Neither do I see a pull-request for that feature, nor a ticket on the H5P core team's ticket system.