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Hi H5P brainstrust! I'm making a course presentation which, ideally, features some case studies for users to work through. I'd like them to be able to pick which case studies they'd like to work on, and ignore the others. I see there's the 'jump to slide' option with the image choice activity option, but this doesn't get rid of the other options. Is there anyway to allow users to choose which slides to work through and then branch out to the end of the presentation without users having to clilck their way through other, later options that they didn't choose to work on? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hi Amy LT,

The first step is to enable "Activate Active Surface Mode" in the "Behaviour settings". You need to insert a Text or Image which will serve as your choices in the 1st slide. Then add A "Go to Slide" object on top of each of the choices and configure them to go to the slide that corresponds to the chosen text/image. Create the activities on those slides. Make sure that you add an image/text+Go to Slide on each slide. The "Go to Slide" in turn should point to the end of the presentation. 

I created a simple content here that demonstrate this:

Feel free to download the content and upload into your H5P so that you can check my settings.

Edit: Here is another example


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Hi Amy!

I think your use case may be similar to the one that a client of mine had - which led to the creation of "Content Compiler". Please find details at

I doubt that the H5P core team is going to include them to their list of supported content types any time soon, so you will not be able to use it on in the foreseeable future. But if it's your own H5P instance or you know who the admin is you need to send a box of chocolates to, you can install it right away.