Drag and drop content type and accessibility (keyboard navigation)

We are using the drag-and-drop content type here:


and have been trying to figure out if the drag and drop activity type is accessibile from a keyboard navigation perspective.

When we work on the drag and drop challenges, we are able to move one item into a drop-zone using only the keyboard (tab to select and the spacebar to move the item between dropzones) but the second item (as far as we can tell) is not selectable using the tab key.

Very interested in your thoughts and advice on this! Is there a configuration somewhere which would help us make the second item tab selectable?

Thank you!


Content types: 
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Hi dmcwo,

You need to use the arrow keys to move around the draggables.


Fantastic! Thank you!!! It works!

That is excellent news!!!

Very grateful for your help,


Thank you!!!

Just tested it and it works!!


Very grateful for your help,


Hello! The spacebar and arrow keys let us move draggables into the dropzones, but we haven't been able to move the draggables out of the dropzones. Is this possible? For example, we have draggable A in dropzone1 and draggable B in dropzone2, but we want to move draggable B into dropzone1 to replace draggable A.

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If I understand your question correctly, this is not a problem with the use of keyboard. Have you tried dragging and dropping with the mouse? You have the same problem.

I have solved this problem with my 'hacked' papi Jo version of Drag & Drop, which you can try on my test site here.