Many of the interactive types that used to be availabe are now not showing's picture

The video interactivity's full range of interactivities is no longer visible - some are missing; it happened recently, maybe yesterday.

I use Chrome browser, I also tried it on Firefox. Hopefully, they have gone in for repairs so that they are more easily exported to Moodle? :-)

Content types: 
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To provide a best possible experience for new users and to ensure that people use only for trying out H5P (we've had more traffic than our server can handle lately, ref also the warnings when you create content, embed content and view the content) there are limited content types that are available.


Check the getting started page for information on how you can use all the content types and use H5P for real. We unfortunately are not able to provide free hosting, only free software :) Hopefully you'll consider supporting the H5P Core Team by using