I am trying to see the users' answers more clearly than in the additional plugin SNORDIAN's H5PxAPIkatchu or the results tab because we only see the last result and not all the tests passed in this quiz and its result mm as an administrator under Wordpress, we don't see other people's results

Is this just an adjustment that I don't understand?

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H5PxAPIkatchu is not meant to "clearly show the users' answers", but to store them for further aggregation and analysis (as hinted to in the readme).

The score board of the WordPress plugin is indeed not a fully fledged "gradebook" as in moodle or That is correct. That would need to be developed, either as part of the H5P plugin or as a separate plugin. I assume (I can only assume, because I am not part of H5P Group), that the reasoning was that WordPress is not a learning management system per se and that dedicated LMS plugins for WordPress most likely provide their own "gradebook" solution anyway that they could fuel with results from H5P exercises.

You can, however, see the answers of all users who completed an exercise by opening the exercise in the backend of moodle. Next to the "edit" button you should see one with the label "results".