WCAG 2.2 & drag and drop content types


Are H5P planning development to drag and drop content types (drag and drop & drag the words) to conform to WCAG 2.2 success critieria: Success Criterion 2.5.7 Dragging Movements (AA)? And do you have a date on when this work may be done. We need this information to update our Accessibility Statement.

All functionality that uses a dragging movement for operation can be achieved by a single pointer without dragging, unless dragging is essential or the functionality is determined by the user agent and not modified by the author.

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Commenting in order to bump this question up. I'm also very interested in making sure the drag-and-drop functionality is accessible, or I may have problems using it in my Canvas courses.

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Hi Everyone,

H5P Group is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone. We are continually improving the user experience, and applying the relevant accessibility standards.WCAG 2.2 was just recently released (3rd quarter of 2023) so we haven't reviewed what kind of changes we need to make to comply with it yet.  We will need to assess it soon and then figure out the necessary changes.