Adding Subtitles in Video project

I am currently looking for a smooth way to add multi language Subtitles to the production, and I read that it is supported in the Interactive Video library.But I cant find it - how does it work?
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There is no real subtitle support in interactive video yet, some people use the label tool, the first tool in the toolbar with an icon that looks like a stop sign.

We'll add support for uploading subtitle files in a later version.

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I am developing SRT support for Interactive Video content type. It's at about 80% of development time, and it should be out in mid January.

When it is completely implemented, I'll get back to you about if it can be integrated in core or whatever you think is best.


Sounds fantastic! Please keep us updated here with your progress!



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Yes! Great news. It's definitively something we will love to integrate into the video library :)
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Update on this: I have a version of this feature working in local and I have submitted the pull requests on Github in order to get integrated into H5P :)



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Yes, the current release is delayed, also slowing down the inclusion of these PRs. We're really looking forward to getting this included in H5P.
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Will this functionality be included in the release due out this month?

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Great, can't wait to see it integrated in H5P!


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Well, my pull requests with that function have been in H5P git repository for more than six months waiting to be integrated...

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Indeed it has. We're sorry about that. It was looked at immediately but since it changes several repositories and only would work for WordPress it has been pushed back several times. In the mean time WebVTT support has been added to most places where you have videos (notably not Interactive Video yet).

When we do an accessibility update of interactive video we'll combine your pull requests with the WebVTT features and we'll also add more details in github this summer.

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Hi! I've had a look through the pull requests and both the code and the solution looks good.

However, I'm a bit uncertain of the path H5P would be taking by implementing a custom display of SRT files. Usually WebVTT files are used for both captions and subtitles across different languages on the web. It might be that I'm missing some of the specifics required here, but I don't see why we shouldn't just use the built-in subtitle features of the browsers?

We have to keep in mind that H5P will be used in many contexts and therefore also have to comply with the requirments of WCAG as best as possible. My thoughts are that using the build-in WebVTT capability of the browsers instead of a custom solution will make for a more generic and flexible solution. E.g. 

  1. We create a list in the editor for uploading subtitles, just like the one used for H5P.Video.
  2. We implement a button in IV for switching between the subtitle tracks.

The solution described in Adding captions and subtitles to HTML5 video might be a useful resource.

A custom display solution might be preferred by someone, but I don't think it will be good enough to display captions properly for deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences. It might be that this belongs in separate a plugin which you can use to extend H5P.

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Essentially, WebVTT is almost the same as an SRT, so it shouldn't be a problem to update my code to read WebVTT.

So, H5P isn't integrating my code? I'll have to create a plugin for Interactive Video?



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Don't get me wrong, your contribution is much appreciated!

The issue here isn't the format as they are quite similar and can easily be converted. The problem is the way it's fed to the browser in a non-standardized way. Accessibility tools and other browser plugins won't be able to make very good use of it.

An SRT to JSON converter isn't really beneficial to the H5P Core when all modern web browsers are able to process similar subtitle and caption formats directly.

I would suggest that you either create a third party addon for H5P or that you refactor your code to use subtitles like H5P.Video or the Mozilla example I linked to in my previous post.


Is there any update regarding implementing subtitles in H5P video player?



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Standard video's that you can insert into e.g. Course Presentation have support for subtitle tracks. Interactive Video still needs some work before this is in place.

Hi, is there any progress about subtitles in interactive video player? 

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No progress yet, unfortunately. It'll be in our newsletter as soon as we add it!


Any development in this issue? At NDLA we need support for uploading textfiles for subtitles for videos.



Any development in this issue? At NDLA we need support for uploading textfiles for subtitles for videos.


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Hi knutinge,

This is now available by using VTT files in Interactive Videos.