WP manage results to suceed gamification

hello there.

How is it possible to get the results of h5p quizzes (for ex. multiple choice) or the completion of an interactive video and pass it to a third party plugin (or write your own) in order to manage gamification?

Is there a hook for that? A specific part of the code where i should add my code to accomplish that?


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Does this text about the H5P xAPI integration help?

Ok. This is helpful.

Let me be more specific for my project because i really need your help.

I am starting a project about selling on line courses. I am looking for the best solution that is free. The only desicion that i have made is that i want to use h5p as my basic course authoring tool. 

I am between Drupal opigno lms system and Wordpress learndash lms system. The important issue here is that i really want to be able to manage the scores from h5p (just setting the score for each question and getting the results), in order to create or even use an existing one gamification system. You know, a system that summarize the points for each user, give away badges, levels, leaderbords.

Could you please spare an advice or even propose a solution that meets best my needs? i need a system with xapi compliance or there is another way?


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I haven't tried LearnDash and don't know what features it offers. With Opigno you should be able to do at least some of this, perhaps by adding the userpoints module into the mix. I don't know if you'll be able to easily add badges as well.

According to one of the developers working on Moodle the features you mention  should be available in Moodle core as well. H5P has a plugin for Moodle.

thanks for your answers

Ok i have tried opigno before i start this conversation. The question is how to pass the points from h5p to userpoints.

Same question remains regarding WP learndash. There is a wp gamification plugin called "captain up" that could fill my needs. It is the only one i found that the administrator can set the actions which gives points. I asked them if i could get the points from h5p. Their answear is this one:

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Hi Ioannis, Integration with other plugins depends on policy of those plugins.Can you please contact your plugin author and ask them the following:Do you provide hooks for reporting into third-party software?For example - quiz completed and it's result?Or Video completed?Is there place in your plugin code where recommended to add reporting into third-party software?Thank you//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i am really looking forward for your answer and i hope i am not asking for too much 
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Ok, good, I think the xAPI event system is the answer to how they can gather points from H5P.

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Passing points to userpoints in Opigno is probably done through the Quiz modules userpoints integration and H5P integration.

thank you about that info. I was looking for something like this.

i am going to check it out and try it the next days.

learndash works nicely with Grassblade and badges from BadgeOS, so if HP5 works with grassblade you should be good to go

thantk you foe answearing

check this out


looks a valid solution. what do u think?

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The GrassBlade companion has a custom H5P integration. You might try that out. I don't know if wp-h5p-xapi will help you with badges.

You ve been very helpful.

I have one last question that comes and goes in my mind a lot but i never expressed it because it sounds too easy and maybe stupid.

Does h5p store the info of points of each user achived in a WP table in database? Could i get that info from there? Why should i use an LRS as a connection between LMS and H5P; there is no way to get it directly from the lms database and skip the LRS?

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Yes, H5P does store points in the table. If you want more details like what the user answered H5P does not store it so you need third party software like an LRS or an LMS with similar features.

Ok thanks.

If you know where exacly in database please share


and mark this thred as resolved.   :-) 

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I think the table is called h5p_results.