H5P for Moodle is ready

We’re excited to announce that the H5P plugin for Moodle is finally ready. Moodle users may now install H5P, and be able to create great interactive content directly from Moodle. Similarly, H5P users may install H5P, and use all its features in the world’s most popular open source Learning Management System. We look forward to seeing what the two open source communities may achieve in the future.

H5P beta for Moodle has been available for the community and used on over 100 installs for about three weeks now. Not a single bug has been reported. We’re now sending the code to Moodle.org, and consider it a Release Candidate. It has gone through all our standard regression testing routines, as well as considerable use in the community, and some Moodle consultants have been using it in production since May without any issues.

The Moodle plugin has all the typical H5P features including:

  • Can create and view all H5P content types
  • Supports download and upload of H5P files for sharing H5P content between websites
  • Gradebook integration
  • Copyright handling

H5P is implemented as an activity for Moodle, meaning it can be used in all contexts where Moodle activities may be used. See the video below for an impression of how H5P for Moodle works:

H5P for Moodle was created in cooperation between Mediamaisteri and Joubel, with funding from Mediamaisteri. Joubel has also received funding to put some extra pieces in place from a community member in the US, and will be releasing a new version soon with APIs for changing styling, and other advanced features already available for WordPress and Drupal.

Last, but not least: Moodle will be kept up to date with all upcoming H5P releases.

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