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How about a neat mind-mapping tool?

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Sounds interesting. Would you care to share some more thoughts on how this should look and behave?

Naturally, the opportunity to create a mind map would be a great way for a teacher to present concepts. You could definitely use it for UML diagrams for example. 

A variation could also be used as question type where students are asked to discern the relationship between items by clicking on a node and dragging to another node to create a link. 


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Ah, I think that would be a really neat tool for learning!

hi icc, 

I had a module developed for quiz 4 a while back it was basic a user gets to create a mind map that helps them organize their thoughts this mind map is saved... as they complete an writing piece and submit it.. it is pretty amazing how helpfull for the students to improve their writing skills..

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Do you know if it was created in JavaScript or PHP? It would be cool if it could be ported to H5P.

Hi icc , 

I believe it has alot of java but off course there must be a php side to it since it is drupal and all... i will create a drupal repository of the question type and share it.. soon


hi icc i have created a drupal sandbox here https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/farrisimin/2806787 for the mindmap please have alook at it..

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Thank you for sharing, farrisimin! It looks the mindmap itself is made up of JavaScript so it should be possible to make an H5P of it. However, there is quite a bit of PHP around it, so there would be some work involved. 

Yes I believe you are on the right track I wanted to suggest a feature how to use mind maps, drawing board, and possibly a calculator since these are all tools that help the learner solve or organize work they should appear as an option in the task bar probably next to the h5p logo so if the learner wants to use them then they have access based on the question.... in other words a teacher could turn on or off per content or offer a leanrner only one to use for example in a multiplication question a student could be allowed to use only a drawing board to practice algorithms for an essay question they can be offered both drawingboard and mindmap... and so on at the educators discretion. ..

Hope this helps...

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Ah, that's pretty neat idea and it sounds like it could be useful in many exercises or tasks! Thank you for the input.

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Any drawing updates? Would love to have a exportable drawing page in my presentation.

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Hi 21cccs,

Please see my answer here.