moodle task completion


i'm using the moodle plugin for adding interactive video to the course website.

how can i use the "task completion" with H5P? what considered "completed? if a student answered a question? or if he finishes watching a video?


thanks :)

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Hi! There hasn't been much focus on completion tracking, so, it's quite standard for now. We've implemented the completion status update to 'viewed' on view, but I see that the activities have no checkbox for setting this as a criteria for completion. You can, of course, use the grade which is set when a task is completed.

Please let us know how you would like it to work so that maybe we could complete it before the final 1.0 release of the plugin. Some specific examples would be nice, and remember that not all H5P activities have to be tasks.

Thank you for asking.


I haven't yet had a massive play with H5P, and still fairly new, but I think for Moodle completion tracking, it would be useful to have an option available for when somebody reaches the end of the activity. So for example with Course Presentation (which I currently see being the most widely used option for Moodle), the activity is marked complete when the user has finished viewing all of the "slides" - similar to the "completed" mark in a SCORM activity.

Also, an extension of the grade completion, so that you can complete the activity upon achieving the passing grade (if an overall passing grade is possible in H5P - not explored this yet)



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I agree, and the activities do in fact have events(xAPI/tincan) that are triggered when you complete all slides, an interactive video or similar. I guess we just have to add some options for the author to configure what should be considered as completed. I will create an issue on doing this before 1.0 is finished. Thank you for your input!

Also looking forward to this!

We have some longer interactive videos in Moodle and instead of them being completed after viewing the page (without e. g. viewing the video) it would be great:

  • to have them marked as completed when the video has been watched until the end
  • OR (in case quizzes are embedded) when all quizzes have been answered
  • OR both (quizzes answeres & video watched until the end).

What is the status of this feature or where can I check?

Just asking because you mentioned that you'll add an issue, but I could only find this relating topic:

Full disclosure: I'm not a developer, but am trying to get the hang of GitHub & Co so that I don't have to ask people for information I'm able to find myself... ;-)

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Sorry, I forgot to paste the link, my bad. I created an issue for this in the H5P JIRA a while back: HFP-33.
(JIRA is the issue tracker for the whole H5P project.)

I fully agree with you on the completion tracking, this is how it should behave.

Thank you! I added my vote to this issue.

Looking forward to this. I want to auto mark topics as complete in Learndash when learners are finished with a presentation or take a quiz. Can this be implemented for Learndash as well?

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Good question. I don't know if many in the H5P community is able to answer this. Maybe you could try to ask the LearnDash developers?

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I'm facing the same problem when I try to finsh the courae,the thing is that you need always to go intil the resume page.

By the way BjoernLefers how are you dealing with the  navegation between activities  in moodle with h5p?


Dear castelmager,

unfortunately I don't quite understand what you mean. What do you mean with "resume page"? And what with "navegation between activities"? Could you maybe specify what problems you have and add screenshots? That would be super helpful! 

The only problem that we had was that we couldn't import H5P content into other courses and they didn't show up in the progress bar plugin. But that's both fixed now thanks to all these awesome h5p people! :-)


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Hi, thanks for response.

I already solve the problem :). 

I'm using moodle and H5p course presentation. the thing is that course presentation is not considered finished until we reach the last page (resume page). I was asking if there is any way to considere finished the course presentation without show this resume page. 

Now I'm embebeding the code inside my moodle Lesson activity and using h5p as a iframe, and controling the end with moodle :)



We're not really using the content type course presentation, but I trust that when implementing completion tracking the h5p team will take care of this similar to the content type interactive video (so that course presentation will be marked as completed when one has reached the end of it). 

Until that happens you seem to have found a good workaround - thanks for sharing! :-)

I used LD in 2016 - if I am not mistaken, LD was working on developing an LTI tool to bridge over to TinCan Api which h5p does handle as XApi or something, see February release. Otherwise Uncannyowl has a great plugin for LD, don't know whether they are working on an LTI.