Pagination for Column

Wanting to make entire learning objects in H5p Column works really well but this means all questions end up on the same page , which is not ideal. The new feature would allow Column to have many pages like a real learning object creator.

So the Feature Request would be:

Create a new question type that can be used in Column that is call page break. this would allow pagination in the Column activity

Pagination for Column
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Hi Scott,

Good point. Thanks for your suggestion!

- Tom

Hi Tom

I agree with Scott, it would be geat to allow this feature. Do you think that a pagination for columns wil be part of tne new developments soon ? 

Thanks !

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It's not Core Team's plans but if a developer from the community submits some code we'll gladly review it. 

- Tim

Neat idea I see potential of the content type evolving into something like prezi/Tetris/impress with use of arrows /swipe in all directions students could move from item to item which will be a cool idea... maybe even a background colors .. for this to be unique it should stay as 2d ...

Hope to see developers from the community pick this up for further development. 


Hi everyone, 

To think about it a little more there could be lock on slides so students need to complete required steps first.. making like a grid game or monopoly or even snakes and ladders. ..


I would to know if the requested feature about column pagination is already done or not ?


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Sorry this feature is not yet available.


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Hey there I was wondering was this on a nearby future list. And I also wanted to ask about the inline editor upcoming release! 

Is the inline editor going to have more editing features like adding images etc. 

has anyone implemented column pagination as off yet! 


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Hi quartztraining,

No one has yet picked up the pagination for Column. As for the inline editor it is part of the the core teams roadmap although I am not sure how far they are with it.


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Ok with the inline editor is it going to have more options like add images, media, etc! I suppose that’s what I’d like to know! I tried to follow the instructions to add these in but found it difficult to follow! I am not a coder!

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Hi quartztraining,

I don't know the exact details on what the plans are for the inline editor. Although from what I've gathered the inline editor will make editing the contents faster. The editor is planned to "pop-up" on top of the content instead of loading a different page, this is similar to how contents are edited in CP.