Adding a new feature to the Memory game

 Is there a posibility that the matching cards would be different, for example a picture and it's label. Is that possible can someone help with that? 

I would be grateful :)

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Hi! Unfortunately, this isn't possible in the current version – but it has been requested numerous time before so I'm quite confident that it will appear in a future version. 

If you are a developer we're happy to receive any pull request for this!

Thank you for replying ... I hope so!

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I answered that question here:

@ haymajd, are you sure your "new feature" request would not be better served by using Dialog Cards or Drag & Drop? If not, please provide a concrete example of what you want to achieve with your request in Memory.

Thank you for your reply... well this could be possible but as I already included the drag and drop feature into a previous activity, I wanted to add a little bit of gamification at the end of a vocabulary lesson through the memory game. Actually, I created an example maybe you can have a look to understand what I mean . Here is a vocabulary memory game that I've created, the problem is that for each pair there should be one picture matching with its label (6 pictures and 6 labels). Unfortunately,  it's not the case! 

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I've done the coding needed for matching two different images and it will be part of the next version. This means that you could add the labels as the second image. I hope that you will check it out once released.

I was planning on adding text support as well, but it turns out it's a big job to make the text always fit. I will have another go at it later, though if no one else does.

Thanks a million :) sure I will. And I'll post a link of the exercice I make here ;)

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That would be more of a "matching game" than "memory" or rather a combination of both. Good!

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Yes, it would, but of course, it's optional and I don't think the Memory Game editor is that busy that it will hurt :-)
Initially, I wasn't going to do it, but it has been requested by so many people now.

Hi icc. Thanks for including this in the main version of Memory Game. It's a really nice feature. I'm also using it for more interesting language learning exercises.

I was wondering if this functionality could be ported to the Column version of Memory Game? Currently you can only have one image.

I thought this was a bit too small of a request to put in the main feature request section. I can post there if that's a better place.

Cheers :)

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You can just post it in the feature request section, Hodgekins! :)

Hi Tim,

Cheers for getting back to me. I'll go and submit a feature request!