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I know that there's an open-ended response that can be configured within the course presentation tool.  However, there are still elements of the course presentation tool, including display/behaviors that cannot be changed if one is exclusively using this tool for open-ended response.

Is there any chance in getting a tool that would just allow open ended response?  The data could be exportable or saved to a doc, as in the current course presentation.  It would just be nice to have this element extracted from the whole workup of the course presentation itself.  The "retry" and "show solutions" button at the end of a course presentation with ONLY open-ended responses is a bit confusing for learners.

While the export for every open-ended response isn't exactly convenient, it seems a better option to have a separate tool to be used for open-ended text items.

Here's my use case...

I am making interactive web-hosted texts that have pop up windows corresponding to annotated pieces of the text.  When a user mouses over or clicks on the annotations, a window pops up and generally an H5P tool is embedded.  Right now, I have a lot of  question prompts relative to the text that learners need to respond to in more than a multiple choice fashion.  I'm using the course presentation tool right now, which is functional to some degree.  Ideally, I would be able to have a series of these in one interactive paper.  Let's say 10-15 (depending on the length of the paper).  Just trying to find an easier, scalable solution that allows this to be self-contained in how these papers are delivered.  I can imagine more than this use case, but I provide this as it's a current project I have.



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I don't know if they are useful to you, but have you looked into the Questionnaire and Column content-types?

But thank you for submitting the feature request!

- Tom

I know that this post is very old, but for any chance... can you explain how create open-ended responses within the course presentation tool? 

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Hi fannyga,

A workaround for this is use Interactive Video and insert "Free Text" question inside it.

You can also check Essay which you can create within Question Set, Column or Interactive Book.