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H5P Content Types and Completion Settings

The content types that will give grades at different condition.

Some H5P content types support completion tracking, while others don’t. The content types that currently support completion tracking are listed below.


Most of the content types with completion tracking will be completed once the users presses the ”Check” button in the content type, while some have separate completion criteria.



Content Type

Completed when users presses the ”Check” button

Completed by other criteria

Course Presentation


When the user reaches the sum up slide of the course presentation

Drag and Drop



Drag the Words



Fill in the Blanks



Find the Hotspot



Interactive Video


When the user submits his answer at the score screen. This screen only appears when there are scorable interactions in the Interactive Video.

Mark the Words



Multiple Choice



Quiz (Question Set)


When the user presses the finish button after answering the last question in a question set

Single Choice Set


When the user answers the last question in a single choice set



When the user finds the correct statement in the last statement set

H5P content types that supports completion tracking can be automatically tracked as completed in Moodle, by enabling ”Showing activity as completed” and then selecting ”Student must receive a grade to complete this activity.