Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

This is a list of issues that the Core Team has deemed suitable for developers not already familiar with H5P. A good starting point if you're a developer eager to contribute to the H5P Community.

We've tried to make it easy for new developers to get started with H5P development. If you know JavaScript and CSS you know almost everything you need already. A good place to get familiar with how H5P content types are created is in the content type development guide.

The feature requests in the list below are provided by community members. Leave a comment under any feature requests you intend to work with so that others may work on something else or reach out to collaborate with you.

Summary Content types Status assignee
Button for new questions (instead of refresh) Memory Game, Question Set
Copyright information missing Collage
Add optional media on top Drag Text Open
Write filename when finished Documentation Tool Open
Add option to not fire XAPI statements Interactive Video Open
Option to deactivate the skipping in the Question Set Quiz (Question Set)
Only show image on backside (for more difficulty). Dialog cards Open
Add Column to Accordion Accordion Open
Fade out sound (background music) Interactive Video Open
Add Dialog Cards to Columns Dialog cards, Column Open
Disable Retry option for whole question set. Question Set Open
Add tables to accordion editor Accordion Open
Add completion criteria in Moodle Completion criteria in moodle Open
Redo Point Scoring Drag and Drop Closed papi Jo
Make label optional Drag and Drop Closed papi Jo
Randomize Dialog Cards Dialog cards Closed papi Jo
Auto-expand accordion panel Accordion Open
Transparent audio button Course Presentation, Audio button Open
Customizable image hotspot icons Image Hotspots Open
Click to reveal elements Course Presentation Open
New content type: Picture Cards Dialog cards Open
Option to hide title display Kids Drag and Drop Closed papi Jo