Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summary Content types Status
hints in "fill-in-the-blanks"
add hook to select quere to allow for organization and structure of content
Expansion of Documentation tool Documentation Tool
Custom Vocab for Speak the Words speak the words, Speak the words Set
Support for Echo360 Video Interactive Video
Find the Hotspot in Quiz (questions set) Find the Hotspot
AppleTV H5P
export text elements in documentation tool Documentation Tool
Define line break replacement toggle - Essay Essay
Add fair use to license options
WYSIWYG Editor for Credit & Captions Timeline
adding text option for memory game
Phrase randomizer, splitted in different words or small group of words
New content type
math filter
Drag the words,target area,visible Drag the Words
retry option count Quiz (Question Set)
Allow 2 media elements to one entry in question set Quiz (Question Set)
Allow more types within a Column? Column
CoursePresenation Summary slide adjustment Course Presentation
Reading order of course presentation Course Presentation
hide numbers of cards in dialog cards Dialog cards
Allow reuse of branching scenarios within branching scenarios Branching Scenario
Time reverse mode Timeline
Zoom function for 360° 360 Tour
Excel fill-in-the-blank question Fill in the Blanks
Link to next question page only if result is correct
Structured data - Practice problems all content types
RCB compatibility (for interactive video) - to be GDPR compliant
embedding clipped videos from youtube Course Presentation, Video
The ability for students to type equation answers (NOT JUST PLAIN TEXT) wordpress
Add font size dropdown option in all text editor of H5P content types Course Presentation
Modify Crossword Content Type to create a Wordle like Content Type
Add scrollbar to Interactive Book when it's not on fullscreen interactive book
Add webp to supported image types for Interactive Video image Interactive Video
Make question field optional in Branching Question Branching Scenario
wordpress H5P batch export wordpress
interactive book, pdf, customize tempalte interactive book
Numerical Icons for Image Hotspots Image Hotspots
Feature Request: Support Markdown input in text editors of all content types (or at least for "Interactive Book")
Request for a Game Code for The Chase and Multipoll when created in Canvas
Please add suffix/prefix support Text
Structure Strip needs detailed instructions to appear visible when doing the task New Content type
Improvements in Virtual Tours 360 and the option of virtual reality glasses
drag&drop more possibilities Drag and Drop
Audio in questions
Unlogged User Result Memory Game
Add boolean search on my h5p account. Please!! all content types
General text type with exercises
Images (or full html) in text (in Fill in the blanks) Fill in the Blanks
Make "Task description" non-mandatory (at least in Interactive book) interactive book
There's a bug that students can pause the voice, so we can't analyze their auditory memories.
There's a bug that students can pause the voice, so we can't analyze their auditory memories.
Restoring student permissions
Timeline with larger time scales Timeline
Timeline with import in .csv Timeline
Image Hotspots in Interactive Book Image Hotspots
Similar feature to Rocket Languages Rocket Record
"Copy" button on the "Embed" form
Feature Request Drag and Drop
accessibility Iframe Embedder, Video
accessibility Quiz (Question Set)
Populate repetitive fields programmatically using CSV file all content types
Fill in the Blanks Retry Option Successful Completion Fill in the Blanks
Interactive Book interactive book
Allow users to export the non-interactive content of any H5P content type as a pdf. all content types
Essay keyword minimum point value should be zero Essay, Quiz (Question Set)
image upload speak the words, Speak the words Set
Image Hotspots, Hotspots Icon Image Hotspots
Request for self-assessment question type with feedback containing text and picture on the summary/ score card page.
Interactive Book Navigation (Keyboard and Mobile gestures) interactive book
Custom demo content and the Demo content link
Populate timeline from CSV Timeline
audio background music player for all h5p content types
Add content type Image Sequencing to list of interactions in Interactive Video Image Sequencing, Interactive Video
Branching Scenario Within Interactive Book Branching Scenario
optionally disable Time spent and Moves Image Sequencing
Branching tool jump to URL Branching Scenario
Adding text fields between questions in Quiz Quiz (Question Set)
basic animation of objects; moving, rotating and resizing Course Presentation
Advent Calendar Beta recommendations
group-filter to xApi-report
Harmonize font size of Fill In The Blanks with Multiple Choice Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice, Quiz (Question Set)
Move to next page only when current page is answered correctly Quiz (Question Set)
Allow to add alternative that are not displayed when solution appears Fill in the Blanks
flashcards using images from WP media gallery Flashcards
Prevent forward navigation in Course Presentation slides
Disable/Hide Link to Youtube (in Interactive Video)
Sound play feature on Find The Words Find the Words
Saving Branching Scenario in XML format Branching Scenario
Make it so the 'Submit' option only appears on the Documentation Tool if it is connected to an LMS Documentation Tool
Giant Virtual Tour (360) - Load the images only after the scene has been selected and outsource them 360 Tour
more flexibility in the Documentation tool
enabling background photo for advanced fill in the blanks Fill in the Blanks
Moodle plugin : Add config parameter to prevent video upload all content types
Single Choice Set should show Show Solution button also in case answers were correct Single Choice Set
odoo, integration
hp5 mass upload
H5P content editor does not support Grammarly and also does not include any spell-checking facility.
Alfabetizar e todas as idades !!! all content types