Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summary Content types Status
With more options for content animations were Course Presentation perfect for all! Course Presentation
I create special modules used vectorgraphics as SVG files type. I share all my modules copyright free to H5P COMMUNITY as a gift. Course Presentation
Virtual Tour with Grading 360 Tour
hotspot icon customizing Image Hotspots
'Single Choice Set' with 'Answer Panel' after each question Single Choice Set
user-writable text labels in drag and drop content Drag and Drop
negative scores appear.in, Drag and Drop, Drag the Words, Mark the Words, Summary
Colocar imagem na capa do livro
Please make Interactive Book Restart quiz optional interactive book
(Interactive Book) : Make menu follow scroll interactive book
complete and alphabetically structured documentation
integration with Dropbox Paper
subscript and superscript Fill in the Blanks
Tolerance in correct answer for numeric problems, Test with defineable starting time and duration
Flashcards: Student can try again even if the all answers were right Flashcards
CSS customization
better organization of the empty space Column
Markdown in h5p Editor
Help creating custom functionality all content types
mod_hvp_backup_libraries setting to plugin UI settings? Moodle
Add File To Course Presentation Course Presentation
Allow the editing of the course presentation Summary page. Course Presentation
present the choices "jump to another video frame" and "retry the question" together. Interactive Video
Offer Random Branching Branching Scenario, Course Presentation
Question Sets (Quiz) in Course Presentations Course Presentation
New content type - "Word Cloud"
New Content Type EXAM
Get results user in h5p page WordPress Fill in the Blanks
Multi-line input in Dictation module
Custom positioning of subtitles/captions in Interactive Video Interactive Video
H5P with ASP.NET core and angular
radar chart
features request - cryptogram and scrabbles
Hide "continue"-button until question is answered correctly
Alternate Answers on Flashcards Flashcards
Crop Image without Expanding it Course Presentation
Add voiceovers to course presentations
Course presentation: ablity to prevent mp4 video download Course Presentation
Clone Folders, not just H5P Files, on H5P.com
Drag and Drop "Automatically Check Answers After Input" Behavioral Option Drag and Drop
learning path
360 image, hidden hotspots Virtual Tour (360)
Memory Game - Two Fundamentals Features. Memory Game
Change tracking
360 tour iFrame embedder Virtual Tour (360)
Speak the word in interactive videos
Feature request: Import Moodle question bank questions to course presentation&interactive video Course Presentation, Interactive Video
Add ability to copy/paste a single slide to another course presentation Course Presentation
Reports for other users to view without edit power
OneNote integration Closed
Save public users' score
Graphing tool
Branching Scenario - Please remove the word limit for answer options Branching Scenario
Grading method for H5P Moodle activity
Web-links in Dialog Cards text editor Dialog cards
limited playing of audio files
Branching Scenario Conditional Logic Branching Scenario
add an extra tool/button beside text tool within hvp presentation editor
combine agamotto and image hotspots
Remove slide number from menu in presentation Course Presentation
Disable upload video Interactive Video
Moodle plugin: Additional options
add slides as pages inside chapters interactive book
Activity completion Moodle while using Active Course Presentation and/or not using the summary slide Course Presentation
Mark The Words - allow   HTML character Mark the Words
Combine text and images in interactive books
Combine text and images in interactive books
Essay question type Essay
Add a RETRY button to "Find Multiple Hotspots" Find Multiple Hotspots
hotspot interface idea Find the Hotspot
skip logic questionnaire, response summary & print option, open response fields? Branching Scenario
Add grid coordinates Memory Game
characters for text input
New contenttype to jump to besides text, picture and video: URL Find Multiple Hotspots
Add a Full-Screen button to the "Find Multiple Hotspots" Find Multiple Hotspots
make the recording files in Audio recorded activity saved and available for grading
Add iframe embeder to Course Presentation and Branching Scenario
Picture answers to questions
Need ability to add code snippets in the content editors all content types
dash hls player support Interactive Video
Upgrade to CKEditor 5
Icons Transparency and Fill in Question in Virtual Tour(360) as an Escape Game Virtual Tour (360)
Add a RETRY button to Find Multiple Hotspots Find Multiple Hotspots
Please give us the basics in the editors without having to code! Branching Scenario
photo upload, video upload, new content type
New activities
Solution for invalidhvp error
text in memory game Memory Game
Timeline - custom start view Timeline
Random draggables in drag and drop
Paella player integration
Download a certificate for completed course
Landscape printing for Course Presentation
Timeline Timeline
Deactivate retry button for question bank Quiz (Question Set)
only INCORRECT labels will bounce back on retry of Drag and Drop Drag and Drop
Image sequencing: ordering, text length, feature in Presentations
Font size adjustment in interactive video Interactive Video
Make exportable text in Course Presentation submit-able like in Interactive Video Course Presentation