Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summary Content types Status
Video Quality Settings Interactive Video In progress
Sub- and Super-script in Editor Open
Mathjax library for h5p Open
Captions for Interactive Video Interactive Video Open
New Content Type Open
Support images as svg Open
Auto-expand accordion panel Accordion Open
⋆Reorder text with drag & drop to form sentences/paragraphs Open
Support for audio in Accordion, and support accordion in CP Accordion, Course Presentation Open
Transparent audio button Course Presentation Open
Math symbol support Open
Disable retry button on summary slide Course Presentation Open
Embed Activities into Moodle rather than link to activity Open
Record audio from Editor Open
Subtitles for Video Interactive Video In progress
In depth answer feedback Course Presentation Open
Continue after "Check" Drag and Drop Open
Customizable image hotspot icons Image Hotspots Open
Click to reveal elements Course Presentation Open
Search functionality for forums Closed
Style the hotspots Image Hotspots Open
Pagination for Column Column Open
New content type: Picture Cards Dialog cards Open
Moodle Backup Closed
Add timing to Memory Game Open
New Content Type: Ordering Question Open
Multi-site enhancements for WP Open
Speech recognition Open
Option to hide title display Closed
Add option to remove scoring display Open
Clone Content Types [Wordpress] Open
Weighted Scoring Multiple Choice Open
Granular evaluation Open
Search functionality for forums Open
Virtual Reality for Interactive Video Interactive Video Open
math options for the text editor Open
Add audio to Fill in the blanks Open
Force the video to jump to a new time code on certain points in the video. Interactive Video In progress
Multiple hotspots Image Hotspots Open
Open ended question New Content type In progress
Interactive Video and Fractions of a second Interactive Video Open
h5p for joomla Open
Video recorder Open