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Hi Guys,

Love your work with the interactive video thus far.

I have a use case where I would like the video to goto and play at certain timecode without requiring any user input.

For example a branching scenario - the user has selected the wrong answer, a video plays and at the end of the video the user is sent back to the start of the question again without requiring any click.

Is that possible already? I have looked at the text object which requires and click and the crossroad which requires two choices. 



Force the video to jump to a new time code on certain points in the video.
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Hi Steve,

No there isn't any support for what you are asking for at the moment. The user will have to do some interaction.

- Tom

Thanks for clarifying Tom.

Any chance it could be a future feature? 

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That will certainly be added to interactive video sooner or later. Hopefully someone in the community will fund it or develop it very soon. Shouldn't be  a big job.

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I think it's no big deal from a technical perspective, but I wonder which solution the users of H5P would favor. There are several possible options, e.g.:

  1. Create a new interaction for interactive video, but that might clog the toolbar a little bit just for defining jump points.
  2. Use crossroads, because it's meant for jumping to a different position - but then we should rename it to jump or something similar as we'd also allow just "one choice" (would it still be a choice?) that would either have to be confirmed or not. The latter would be the requested jump function.
  3. Use hotspots, because it is also used for jumping. We'd just have to add an "autojump" option that we could use to jump to a timecode automatically instead of waiting for a click. Well, or we could jump to a website automatically. I cannot think of a good scenario for that, but someone else might. This approach might be a little weird, because we wouldn't be defining a hotspot in space - hmm, but a hotspot in time. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

So, what do you all think? Doesn't option 3 sound quite decent?

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Personaly I like option 1 the most. :) Or maybe something like "Go to bookmark".

I agree, makes sense and terminology is the same throughout. 

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Damn! I had to ask ... ;-)

But in one fell swoop we could extend the options for hotspots from "jump if clicked" to "jump automatically" AND "jump if not clicked (while hotspot is active)"!? :-P

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I think option 3: Hotspot is the best solution. It's in the right function and place for this feature.
I have posted on it at

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To me it feels weird to use anything from the top toolbar to do this. They are to me made for adding something visual on top of the video. This isn't visual. Having features for positioning a thing you'll never see on top of the video doesn't make sense to me.

If it was an item that would show up and you had to push it to move on, it would make sense, but I guess we have crossroads for that so in that case I'm leaning towards #2, but my favourite is the non existing #4 - adding something to the timeline that does this. Perhaps that is what Tom means by a "Go to bookmark".

I'll try to make an interaction designer pitch in here :)

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Yeah, I get that.

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For described scenario:

"the user has selected the wrong answer, a video plays and at the end of the video the user is sent back to the start of the question again without requiring any click"

I think the author would search for this option under "Interaction/Adaptivity/Action on wrong" since it is a interaction-based option. 

This could be solved by adding an input field under "Interaction/Adaptivity/Action on wrong":

Play until
Video will play until selected timecode and than will seek back to the question.

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I wonder when the first person thinks of creating something like H5P-Script for individualizing the logic of a content library ;-) Maybe something with a GUI similar to Human Resource Machine or at least IFTTT - offering a defined set of actions that can be combined easily? #iamkidding!

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I think Jelena's answer applies well to the scenario, and perhaps it is the best solution. For all places where you can add a jump to you can also add a jump back, or jump to next? If we added magic spots in the video on the timeline it would mean that when a user arrives there he would always jump, but that might not be what the author wants. Maybe the author only wants the user to jump if he came from button A, not if he came from button B?

Let's say we had the following "menu" in the video:

"Mammels, bear, dogs, Fish, Codfish, salmon", so if you click the fish button you want to jump back to the menu after watching both the codfish and the salmon. If you click Codfish you want to jump back after watching only the Codfish part. How common will such cases be compared to cases where you'd always want to jump somewhere at a certain time in the video?

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I totally forgot this thread :-( I also think that Jelena's proposal applies well to the problem. I might tinker with that idea.

@falcon I cannot tell how likely your scenario is.


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Cool, looking forward to see what you come up with!

Yes I would like to see this feature too.
Being able to make multiple loops within one video would be great.

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I created an interactive video (taking a URL from youtube) and adding elements. One element was an open ended question. Video is running fine. But when the students answer that question (it has a space for typing the answer, when this element comes in the video), where it is saved or stored> Where can I find that answer. Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi rcsharma,

H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in. 

I highly recommend looking through these documentation:



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Thankyou so much for your response, BV.

That looks somewhat technical. Will read the documents you suggested. Thanks once again, stay safe. Regards, ramesh

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Hi rcsharma,

Sounds daunting but in reality it is not. When using Drupal and Wordpress you can just use a plugin that interprets xAPI, while using Moodle it has the built in Gradebook.


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Dear BV, thank you so much. I use Moodle and would sure try it. May bother you again, in case further help is needed. Thanks again and please take care.

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Hi rcsharma,

Don't mention it ;-) If you have any questions feel free to post in the forums.