Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summary Content types Status
spaced repetition for Flashcards and Dialog cards
Import tab delimited text for Flashcards and Dialog Cards
Moodle Mobile support
Uses of the h5p audio recorder
Course presentation: Group restrictions Course Presentation
Copyright information missing Collage
allow apostrophe and punctuation speak the words
Course presentation: Option to hide "share on twitter" Course Presentation
course presentation Course Presentation
Moodle: Deactivate grading depending on answer
Suggested feature for Image Hotspots - 360 Images & H5P Content Hotspots Image Hotspots
Documents in interactive video Interactive Video
duplicate interaction within interactive videos Interactive Video
Self-assessment with summary (questions with no Correct/Incorrect scoring)
Tabbed page presentation (Moodle et al) Course Presentation
Moodle Glossary Integration
player app to play interactive videos online Interactive Video Open
Moodle H5P activity: add "require passing grade" option.
Course presentation feature request: automatic summary page/table of contents Course Presentation
save audio files when recording Open
If I create four text box control , it will display only half text , Is that any possible to provide scroll bar in text box? Open
Huge text in course presentation Course Presentation Open
Mark the words > mark the letters Mark the Words Open
Interactive Videos for eCommerce Interactive Video Open
social media sharing option Open
Add On/Switch Speech input Switch for 'Speak for the Words' speak the words Open
Add optional media on top Open
Track anonymous users Open
Loading indicator IV Interactive Video Open
Different types of (+) Image Hotspots Open
Slide restriction until all slides are viewed Course Presentation Open
Integration of GeoGebra applets Open
New Content Type: Matching In progress
Speak the Words in Question set speak the words Open
Write filename when finished Documentation Tool Open
timeline without a date please Timeline Open
Cross out areas on image New Content type Open
Time line exact/flexibel dates Open
Add adaptivity Course Presentation Open
Add option to not fire XAPI statements Interactive Video Open
Ability to rotate Drop Zones Drag and Drop Open
Option to deactivate the skipping in the Question Set Quiz (Question Set)
flashcards out of deck Flashcards In progress
Only show image on backside (for more difficulty). Dialog cards Open
Slide navigation/Reorder existing slides Course Presentation Open
Move where background image is set Drag and Drop Open
Timeline without year Timeline Open
Add Column to Accordion Accordion Open
Playlist Interactive Video Open
Fade out sound (background music) Interactive Video Open
xAPI completed setting for Course Presentation needed Course Presentation Open
WP Multisite Support Open
Create a poll with H5P questionnaire Open
Clickable external link area Course Presentation Open
Image as a link Course Presentation Open
Allow embed code from Moodle Open
Ability to add a image/s to Accordion Accordion
Accordion; Ability to add subcategories Accordion
Add Dialog Cards to Columns Dialog cards, Column Open
one more nested layer of accordion objects Accordion Open
Course Presentation - Text justification Open
Course Presentation - Text justification Open
Change animation after question-completion Open
Multiple Attempts Open
New Articulation of NAVIGATION HOTSPOT with CROSSROADS Interactive Video Open
More completion conditions (moodle) Open
One result for the entire Column Open
Project Folders for Content Open
Disable Retry option for whole question set. Open
Author can use iframes inside CP Course Presentation Open
Let drag text allow multiple answers Open
Guess The Answer - grouping them together Guess the Answer Open
Adjustable point values for drag text, etc. Open
Add ability to add False answers to Drag Text question types. Open
Interactive content inside image hotspots Image Hotspots Open
Timed presentations Course Presentation Open
Code view editor Course Presentation Open
Go To Slides Course Presentation Open
Sorting question type New Content type Open
Set end time of video Interactive Video Open
Content Type icons in Moodle Open
Find multiple hotspots Find the Hotspot In progress
Use result from one content type as input in another Open
Support for fractions (escape character) Fill in the Blanks In progress
Add tables to accordion editor Accordion Open
Color support Timeline Open
Upload content into Column Column Open
Audio recording New Content type In progress
Pause/resume Documentation Tool Open
Pick the wrong word, enter the right word Mark the Words Open
Add completion criteria in Moodle Open
Mark the syllable Mark the Words Open
Custom hotspot shapes Find the Hotspot Open
Improve Image Hotspots popup size Image Hotspots Open
Redo Point Scoring Drag and Drop Closed
True full screen in iOS Course Presentation Open
Make label optional Drag and Drop Closed
New drag and drop content type – Column Matching Open
Add alignment of objects Course Presentation, Interactive Video, Drag and Drop Open
Randomize Dialog Cards Dialog cards Closed