Feature Requests - Low Hanging Fruits

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Summary Content types Status
Content types Questionnaire, Column, Course Presentation
complex mathematical formula and scientific equations editor
autoembed core
Instant/automatic feedback on fill in the blanks Fill in the Blanks
Improvements to the Documentation Tools application
Drag the Words - request for an Add Question facility Drag the Words
play and use button
use the multilang filter in Moodle Interactive Video
Set questions without setting a correct answer (predictions)
add different image on opposite sides of the same card Dialog cards
merge slides Course Presentation
insert exsiting activities into new content Course Presentation, Interactive Video
Column: add personality quiz to Column Column
crossword puzzle
printable versions of "Fill in the blanks"-exercises Fill in the Blanks
Embed single tweet into object
Google Slides/Slideshare Interactivity Course Presentation
Course presentation activity completion improvements
Speak the words content allows use different webservices
Button for new questions (instead of refresh) Memory Game
New Content Type for better UX
Add essay to column Column
drag and drop more files types requirement
"Column" element : using 2 different colors for headers = more clarity Column
I'd like "audio" to be a choice of content when making hotspot popups. Audio
Wildcard available in answer options
Change the name of the Bookmark label Interactive Video
H5P Repository for Moodle
Multiple choice: Minus points aren't displayed graphically in certain situations Multiple Choice
Extra Words in certain exercises like Drag the Words
Right To Left text
Multilevel in image hotspots
Interactive Video Annotations Interactive Video
Personality Quiz: allow HTML in description-field Personality Quiz
need help with feature Drag and Drop
Drop down menu for fill in the blanks
Add option for "Distractors" on Drag-the-Words Drag the Words
Dynamic content in Accordian
Add option to hide video / audio download button in video / audio interaction.
Cut,Paste, Undo in Course Presentation Course Presentation
Fill in the blanks in course presentation Course Presentation
I would love to showcase this feature at our next conference in October if I could. Thanks
Colour of Drag Bar in Image Juxtaposition Tool.
Get video duration from h5p interactive video instance
Export to PDF?
Content Request - Text highlight in sentence/paragraph
Question report about individual choices
Course presentation: resizable table of contents Course Presentation
wordpress multisite export feature request
Documentation Tool - exporting the element type: text Documentation Tool
survey with a scale
download and embed buttons should be default off
Force navigation order in Course presentation Course Presentation
Feedback based on wrong/right answer in single choice set Single Choice Set
request voice input recognition to allow users of h5p interactive videos to verbally answer true/false questions and multiple choice questions while completing an interactive video activity. Interactive Video
bulk export/import or download/upload tool
Dialog cards operate confusingly and need modifying Dialog cards
Enanble some font options for keywords menu Course Presentation
remove slide number from keywords menu Course Presentation
Availability restriction plugin for Moodle Open
Assign participant to group based on H5P result in Moodle Open
H5P as a lesson question type in Moodle Open
H5P as a quiz question type in Moodle Open
Classroom mode
make multiple essay questions available in essay content type
add essay content type to course presentation Course Presentation
Moodle embed should show original course Iframe Embedder
mark a default/required question
Analytics, Moodle
Add Find the Hotspot / Multiple Hotspots in Question Set
Modify 'This drop zone can only contain one element' to allow user value Drag and Drop
Timeline: Option to add date via calendar widget Timeline
Integration with Adapt learning, Adapt framework, Adapt Authoring tool.
Text on slides player Course Presentation
Remove summary from interactive video
Images and mp3 in Mark the Words Task Field Mark the Words
Image Sequencing: grade for moodle feature? Image Sequencing
audio files in the textblock of fill in blanks
Fullscreen option for Agamotto
Approval to use Drag and Drop Drag and Drop
Separate Group Function for h5p Quizzes on Moodle
Adding Audio Recorder to Slider Course Presentation
gallery to browse content created by authors
as not all languages are covered, this may be a solution speak the words
Documentation Tool - Incl. Rich Media Documentation Tool
Upload File Function
Allow modification of automatic summary page or award points right away Course Presentation
Drag and drop feature on Moodle
copy/paste button for course presentation images? Course Presentation
Integrate movenote in H5P?
Add a little non-roman keyboard
Show only export text- button on the summary slide Course Presentation
drag and drop show answer button
Mass import of text data for Dialog Cards and Flashcards or other exercises
Allow a CSS upload that can style embedded iframe content
Mark the words: allow sentence answers Mark the Words
offline running of H5P files
Moodle administration
Image hotspot: ability to add files