Add social sharing and audio questions

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 I would like to see the features in the H5P content having social sharing at the end of the quiz or questions or on finding the right hotspot or on not finding too( to ask the friends to help out via social media share ) .

It will be very helpful to both the createors and the users also it will help to improve the hits on the content.

secondly, I would like to see the option of adding audio or video file in quiz or multiple choice questions so the user can listen or view the audio or video and can answer accordingly.

Like how slick quiz etc plugins do .


social media sharing option
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Hi gvndsoni20,

Great suggestions specially the integration with social media. You are right it is a resource that we need to tap.

Regarding the your second idea I think there are already some contents that are available in H5P that can accomplish this. Have you tried using interactive video or up it a notch by creating course presentation.



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Thanks BV52,

Hope to see the social sharing features soon . 

Yes we have tried the both of the , they are nice and can be used as well.But can we have those functionalities in quizes too.

Warm Regards,

Govind Soni,


Hi there H5P team,

Has there been any development in the social media sharing options? If so, is there a planned release period? Because right now your quizzes are simply the best available and that feature would make them perfect :)



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Hi Ben,

I'm afraid not. From when this thread was started the core team has been concentrating on getting out as well as other features/new content types. I believe the best chance we have for a feature like this is if someone in the community picks it up and create it for us.