dialogue cards behaviour: show/hide image upon flip

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Feature Request: Dialogue Cards --> Behavioural Settings --> Show image on flip only / Hide image on flip.

It seem that now the default behavior is to always show the image.  This is great for the initial learning phase.  Imagine if there were an option to initially hide the image in a dialogue card.  I believe this would be the natural progression in the language learning process.  Take the Arándanos azules / Blueberries example from https://h5p.org/dialog-cards.  After learning a set of vocabulary words, it would be nice to have a quizzing component in which only the word Arándanos azules is visible (and audio), with NO image.  Learners could quiz then themselves, and then flip to check both the image and the word 'blueberries' , confirming that they indeed learned the word or didn't.   This would add a quizzing phase to the dialogue card content type.  Alternatively, the image could be shown initially and hidden on flip, creating a quiz that starts on the flip side.

Thank you so much for considering this!


Only show image on backside (for more difficulty).
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Hi Avi,

Great suggestion!

And it should be super easy to implement too. (So if anybody in the community wants to create a pull reqest feel free).

- Tom

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For those finding this via Google (like myself):

a) Open pull request on github https://github.com/h5p/h5p-dialogcards/pull/11

b) A quick&dirty hack on wordpress, only works with h5p embedded from internal wordpress, not external h5p iframes


Image is shown on turnover, not when showing the card first


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Hi programmieraffe,

Thank you for the info.


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The requested feature is available in my own experimental version of Dialog Cards. All details on my Drupal test site at http://www.rezeau.org/drupal