end time in interactive video


I've seen there's the possibility to set the start time of a video, but I was wondering if it's possible to set the end time as well...anyone knows?

Set end time of video
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That's not possible right now. What use case do you have in mind? 

I'm using some videos to teach languages, those videos are too long sometimes, we find them in internet, we don't have the rights to download them, and edit them, but if we arrived to cut them (setting the starting and ending time) with H5P that would be very helpful. Just one question from a non-developper: is it different from the coding perspective to set the starting or the ending time?

Thanks a lot


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Yes, it's a little different. Setting a start basically means: "On startup, jump to the starting timecode if the user set one. Done." For your example, you'd have to have a mechanism that checks whether the video has reached a certain point in time and do something. Easy, interactions do that already. But if we use a "para-interaction" for stopping, we'd have a dot above the slider. We'd have to remove that somehow. No big deal, but a little more complicated, and "exploiting" the interactions that way might be considered unelegant and could lead to further trouble if thing get changed later. And we could also wonder: Should people be still able to jump to timecodes before the starting time or after the stopping time? Should they see that the video is longer at all? Should we adapt the slider? ...


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I can see where this can be useful, for reusing videos of the internet. Thank you for your feature request, I think it's a good one.

- Tom

I'd just like to say this is a feature I would like to see too, we are using H5P for language training and shorter extracts from streamed videos are far better for us to hlep learners focus on the exact extract we want them to.


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I agree with Tim, this will help in making videos from internet more useful. Specially for cases that the has rights to share but does not have the rights to download or edit the video.


I had actually planned to post a request for this feature but saw someone else already had.

This would be a very useful feature. Sometimes videos I want to use in a course that are on YouTueb have "intro" bits with a theme song that I can easily skip with the "start video at" feature. However, those videos often also have an "outro" bit with links to other videos in the series that would disrupt the flow of the coruse and I'd like to be able to end the playback at a certain point.

To build on an above comment, I would be fine with students not seeing that the video is loner but instead only see the part of the video I want to show. For example, a video might be twenty minutes but I might only want to include a two minute clip and so there would be no need to show students that there is more to the video than that because it wouldn't be relevent. 

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Thank you for your input aaronmoore :-)


Is there any update on when this feature could be added?

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No updates to report. That being said, H5P is open source and therefore if you have access to a developer he or she can contribute the necessary code it and it will be merged in if many people in the community desire the feature. 

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Does any update to cut interactive video since this post ?


Big up H5P : )


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Hi Cyril,

No updates on this. We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


One workaround for this is to add a text block at the point you want to end the video and set it as a clickable link to wherever you'd like to send the learner next. We say something like, "Nice work! To move on to the next activity, click this card." You can also set it to send them to the end of the video so they can view their summary.

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Wow! Why didn't I think of that. Thank you for the idea lilystrong.


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Motivation. This feature is vital for reusing internet videos that cannot be hosted on own servers due to licencing issues. I'm planning to use it for teaching foreign languages.

Implementation. Students should not be able to see video before the start timecode and after the end timecode. Timeline should be expanded - sometimes I pick 2 min out of 2 h video and navigation gets difficult. Timecodes for content managers should be left as original. Timecodes for students should be displayed starting from 0.

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We use a lot of interactive video in higher education and this is a must-needed feature for allowing educators to pull snippets of YouTube videos to show in their class. They don't want to use the whole video but only a small section of it. 

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I think this is a great tool but i need to setup de end time for my students.


Many times I need to offer the students only a small fragment of a long video. It is very important to be able to mark the beginning and end of the segment that the students will watch. Logically, the points of interaction should be within that segment.
EdPuzzle (https://edpuzzle.com/) does it very well.

We also use streamed content and just need a few minutes and not a full video to watch.

Thanks for implementing this!

It used to be I could code YouTube videos with an ending where it would stop but that went away :(  I have used EdPuzzle to do this but like some of the additional features H5P offers for interactive videos.

Hello all, 

I would also love this feature for all the reasons mentioned above! 

thank you!