Hotspot pop-ups are way too large

I am having all kinds of trouble with the image hotspot plug-in under wordpress.

The hot spot images that I have added come up bigger than the background image so that they are trunkated.  It does not matter if I create images of really small resolution.  They are simply blown up and heavily pixelated and still overflow the back ground image.

I think this plug-in has great potential but needs more controls and there needs to be some guidelines how to use the images, specifically the images sizes. 

I would happily contribute if I know how as I need this plug-in.  Failing that I will need to get a "for cash" plug-in and they are quite expensive for our little non-profit.

Please look at the hot-spot image I created on:

Or does anyone else have any ideas what I should do or what product I should use...??

All advice greatfully received..  :-)


Improve Image Hotspots popup size
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I agree, Thomas. The popups could be improved.

Is this actually being looked into? I don't understand why I can't resize myself. That would be a LOT easier.

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Hi Amanda, 

Each week Falcon and I try to go through the feature requests and prioritize them and post them here:

The Core Team tries to take some of the feature requests but we have to focus on the roadmap:

So it is up to the rest of the community to contribute the other feature requests. The good thing about H5P is that all the code is open source which means you have the ability to change the code yourself without waiting on anyone to do it for you.