Sound play feature on Find The Words

I try teach English vocabulary to students. I need to play sound (pronunciation) if the student finds the word. So that s/he can hear its pronunciation. Can you add this feature?

Sound play feature on Find The Words
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I am not an english teacher but it seems a really good idea.

Globally, it would be nice to be able to display content (or sound) each time a world is found. That would allow this activity to become a real learning tool.

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Hi Everyone,

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Hi all!

Keep in mind that Find the Words was not developed by the H5P core team, please.



 I think Find the Words has GNU General Public License v3.0 on . Even though  Find the Words was not developed by the H5P core team, I wil be grateful to whoever adds this audio feature under gnu license. I have played a little with the source code at But I have no luck with it. There are still errors :(   Thanks in advance.