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It's a real bummer to not be able to export even basic text and image content from a column or presentation. Everything has to be done online, and has to be done on screen. For any institution that takes accessibility seriously this just means we can't use H5P at all, or only in a very minimal capacity.

I understand that it's hard to export activities, branching scenarios, and the like. But what about column content? Books? Presentations? Even if there are exercises embedded there, they can just print the way they look before the students engage with them - let them do the MCQs on paper and draw some connecting lines where they would drag and drop. And just skip the unprintable content, like videos, or replace it with some placeholders.

It doesn't even have to look nice. Just print it as you'd print a website, with chapters of the book or slides from a presentation one after the other. It would do wonders for accessibility anyway.

I hope it's possible! Thanks :)

Allow users to export the non-interactive content of any H5P content type as a pdf.
Content types: 
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Hi sfokt,

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