New Release: H5P Essay and Course Presentation Summary Redesign

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I'm proud to announce the release of a brand new content type and critical bug fixes and user experience improvements.  

H5P Essay

H5P Essay is the latest content type created by the prolific otacke. It allows learners to submit long-form answers about a particular topic. A score is then calculated by checking the existence of keywords specified by the author. It is also possible to save the entire essay for later review if you have a Learning Record Store connected to your H5P plugin. Try the demo above!

(Hint: The main character of the Hobbit is Bilbo and there's a wizard called Gandalf)

Course Presentation Summary Redesign

Course Presentation's summary slide has been redesigned to be much more intuitive. Previously, it was difficult to see how the scores and overall percentage were calculated. Now learners are presented with a simpler overview of each of the tasks and the familiar H5P score bar.  

Bug Fixes

General content type improvements and bug fixes: 

  • Course Presentation: Navigate through slides using pgUp/pgDown keys, allowing you to use many common presenter sticks to switch to other slides, contributed by otacke
  • Course Presentation: Padding for the close button and text within popups
  • Course Presentation: Remove broken translations
  • Course Presentation Editor: Improve tooltip placement
  • Documentation Tool: Incorrect rating
  • Drag and Drop: Auto adjust the size of draggables when using text input
  • Drag and Drop: Draggable moves automatically
  • Drag and Drop: Labels in drop zones when centered offsets to the right
  • Question Set: Add copyright information of background image to the copyright overview, contributed by Julian Strecker

Translation contributions:


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