360 Virtual Tour Starting Position Not Working

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Hi, we're using the 360 Virtual Tour to create a series of scenes which users can navigate back and forth through.

We have set the Starting Position for each scene and the first time you visit the scene, this Starting Position works perfectly.

However, once you leave a scene and then return to it, the Starting Position is ignored and the camera defaults to its own position.

So to the user, they end up facing backwards.

Any ideas as to how to resolve this? Do we need to create multiple versions of the same scene and assign a starting position based on the direction you are approaching from?

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I've found this to be a problem also, in the following way:

I am currently using the Virtual Tour feature of H5P for a government / Department of Defence project.

I am uploading multiple, linked panoramas to a single virtual tour. I would like for the user to be able to move freely through the room, by clicking on the hotspot that takes you to different panoramas around the room.

However, I am unable to set the starting point on a panorama that is dependent on the direction you access it from.

For example, if I have two panoramas (Starting Panorama "1" and second Panorama "2") and I can set a starting point in Panorama 2 that allows the user to be looking in a "natural" direction when they navigate from Panorama 1 to Panorama 2.

When I move from Panorama 2 back to Panorama 1, however, the effect is disorientating because the starting point for Panorama 1 is fixed (i.e. facing towards Panorama 2).

As a workaround, I have uploaded a duplicate of Panorama 1 labelled "Panaorama 1 (Back from 2)", setting the start point for the Panorama to be facing in the natural direction, when navigating backwards from Panorama 2.

I find that sometimes this works, and other times it doesn't - often despite adjusting the starting position of the panoramas, the changes don't take effect and I am facing in the wrong direction (the problem seems to be exacerbated when utilizing my duplicate Panorama system).

It feels like a bug, as I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.