Video format not supported

Hi there,

All was working fine with a video from Youtube, that I used to test my Interactive video (with a Drag & drop exercise), but now my own video is on Vimeo I get the error message that the Video format is not supported.

I have tried mpg and mp4, both the same error message.

Vimeo is set to allow embedding anywhere.

What could be wrong with this video?

Thanks for any help, Roy


  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen) > as described above
  2. Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle. > Wordpress, that caused no issue with a Youtube video
  3. Mobile or Desktop > desktop (haven't tried mobile)
  4. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc > Chrome, Edge
  5. H5P plugin version > Recent version
  6. H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P. > Link to video, see above, H5P attached but note: with the Youtube video that I used for testing and that is working fine (with my Vimeo video I see an error message and cannot download the H5P)
  7. Any browser console errors 
  8. Any PHP errors
  9. Screenshots if it's a visual problem




H5P file: 
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Thanks for the link to the documentation, Oliver.

I think the most applicable answer is that you need Vimeo Pro, rather than Plus, (which is almost three times the price).



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Hi Roy!

I kept it short, because there are many posts on that topic on this forum just waiting to be found. A little longer: The regular vimeo URL doesn't tell H5P anything about the exact location of the video, only the paid versions can provide H5P with that direct link.


Hi Oliver,

Little more than a year ago I managed to embed Vimeo into Interactive video. And the ones that I did then are still working.

But I can't seem to add new ones: I can't get a proper link from Vimeo.

I looked here:

And that didn't look to cheerful.

Are we on a dead end zone with Interactive video? What are the alternatives?

I just made a new one and this is a real downer, getting stuck trying to put it online.

Do you know of a way forward?


PS: I also tried to add my comment here:, the link you sent me last year, but for some reason I have to log in again and again and again... without ever any success. I can only add to my older posts.

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That "login" issue stems from the caching mechanism that uses.

I don't know whether vimeo changed things or not, but I know that native support for Vimeo is at least worked on ( The H5P core team will need to tell you more about that, however. And maybe BV knows more about what the issue might be with vimeo links in general.


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Hi All,

Vimeo has been considering or they may have already turned off the possibility of using their videos in H5P. I would suggest to upload the video directly or use a different video hosting service.


Hi BV and Oliver,

Vimeo explained to me today they have changed the format of the links that you can get under Distribution (via Advanced).

The direct/third party URLs were recently updated from to in order to support future improvements on the platform. However, existing URLs will not be affected and will continue to play without issue. 

Though I had an issue with a new link, that is an error message 'Unknown' in the Interactive Video, after ignoring that the new link did work!

So maybe not all is lost...

BV, should things still go wrong, which other hosting service would you recommend?

cheers, Roy


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Hi Roy,

Good to know that Vimeo has provided a solution and thank you for sharing this with us. With regards to any recommnedation I will leave this to the community. Personally I do not have much experience in using video hosting services except for intances that issues are being reported and I am trying to reproduce.


Hi BV and others,

This is what I got from Vimeo today:

I can confirm that Vimeo will continue to provide URLs for use in third party players. We provide both mp4 and HLS (.m3u8) URLs, recommending the use of HLS if your player supports it.   > comment from Roy: no, HLS is not supported by the H5P player

 In regards to our updated URLs not being compatible with H5P, it's possible that in H5P the field to specify the URL, it is searching for an .mp4 extension in the URL, which our PLAY links do not contain (only the download), and why that error displays. H5P are also welcome to contact us directly should they have any questions. 

In the meantime, I'd recommend continuing to use the download URL as it is compatible with H5P, and my apologies again for any inconvenience caused.

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I asked Vimeo support on 22.02.2023 why don't links work anymore inside H5P and they replied

"The issue is known and a fix is under development now. Our Aim is to ensure that previously generated URLs would remain valid after this fix is applied.
As a workaround, You can generate new URLs and use them which should also remain valid after the fix is applied."


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Hi jarvil,

Thank you for providing this information.


I came back to my interactive videos I created with the vimeo mp4 direct links. I had a message saying " video format not supported". I can see in the history of this thread that a fix should have been implemented a year ago.