Interactive video navigation inside branching scenario

Hi all, 

in a interctive video inside a branching scenario, it is possible to add a button or navigation hotspot that goes/link to an other branch?

I do not want it to stop the video like regular branches, and not make is compulsory (user can choose to ignore it), but I want to create a special branch if that choice is make from this hotspot. 

I see there is a url type of destination for hotspot, but an it be used to "jump" to an other part of the branching scenario?

Thank you in advance for your help


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Hi Thomas,

This is feature is not available but this is a very good suggestion. I have moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


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I'm interested in whether I could offer a feature bounty to support core dev work on this specific feature (interactive videos images or hotspots linking to other branch addresses). The bounty could be just this feature, or a kind of one-for-one where I would support both this feature and any other equally sized feature that is high on the core dev priority wishlist.

I haven't seen much discussion of feature bounties anywhere beyond this old thread, but it looked like maybe a bounty was happening in a recent Jira board issue so I thought I'd ask.