Course Presentation - Hiding summary slide does not work if presentation contains exportable text area

Continuing the discussion from h5p/h5p-course-presentation#147:


If a presentation contains an exportable text area, hiding the summary slide does not work. This is a problem because:

  1. If a user chooses to hide the summary slide, the checkboxes that control the visibility of the buttons Show solutions and Retry become hidden as well – despite the buttons still being displayed.
  2. The behaviour contradicts what the option to hide the summary slide promises: There is no effect.

As argued on GitHub, my use case is accessing the content of the text area from the server. I find the possibility to export it on a separate slide more confusing than helpful in this case.

I can think of two solutions:

  1. Don't allow to hide the summary slide if presentation contains an exportable text area.
  2. Make visibility of Export text button configurable as well and actually hide the summary slide if the user chooses to. (preferred)

Technical details

  • Platform: Drupal (
  • Desktop Firefox 83.0
  • Content type: Course Presentation
Content types: 
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Hi fkohrt,

Correct me if I'm wrong this post should be in the feature reqeust forum rather than as a bug report. Enabling the surface mode may have drastic effect on how the presentation works (as I pointed out on this report) but as far as how it was designed it is "working". 


I am fine with moving this to the feature request forum; the only reason I considered this a bug was the described contradiction between a user selected option and software behaviour. But as you argue that this contradiction is intended, I'll move this to the proper forum.