HLS URLS for H5P Interactive Videos

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I am looking at using Bunny CDN to host my videos, however, I the H5P interactive videos do not accept HLS URLs for videos; as you probably know, the major advantages of using a CDN service like Bunny CDN are cost and performance - it is a fraction of the price of something like Vimeo and provides great performance.

I would like to request that the H5P interactive videos support HLS URLs for videos to reduce costs with hosting videos.

I hope you look at this request closely and I look forward to your response.

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Yes, accepting HLS URLs for H5P interactive vídeos is a must!!! 

This would make our lives so much easier! I'm currently dual hosting on Vimeo & Bunny as the majority of my videos are on my CDN, but H5P restricts this. It's dissapointing that the requests here appear to be dormant - is there anything we can do?

Just a note here:

The H5P-Interactive-Video can deal with HLS.

We do this now by including the hls.js-Library in the page that creates the H5P-Interaction (if needed).

Then we wait for the H5P to create the content and then applying the HLS-Playlist to the video-tag.

Works flawlessly.








I have tried to integrate it many times.. but unfoortunatly no success. Please share code for the interaction.

¿Puede indicar exactamente como hacerlo?

Debemos descomprimir la actividad h5p y dentro de la librería de Interactive Video incluir la que comenta, ¿puede pasar el enlace de dicha librería HLS? Quedo a la espera, Un saludo,


Can you tell me exactly how to do it? We must unzip the h5p activity and include the one you comment on within the Interactive Video library. Can you pass on the link of said HLS library?

Hi everyone,
I add my voice to support this request, for another reason: both Panopto and Vimeo are US hosting platforms, and their terms and conditions do not help us being confident in the fact that all our data will remain in Europe.
We would like to use 100% european hosting streaming solutions - I can name a few - in Moodle using the H5P plugin

another adding a request for this please