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It would be helpful for users to have a button with the dialog cards that lets them flip all the cards at once to the opposite side in case they want to work the other direction.  For example, if Term is on side 1 of the card and Definition is on side 2 of the card, and I may want to practice providing the term that matches the definition rather than supplying the definition for the term.

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The feature you want is implemented in my own version of Dialog Cards. Here's an extract from the doc at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/node/48

Display which side first

Select the card display mode. The options are: Display front side first (normal display) / Display back side first (reverse display) / User's choice. This option is especially useful if the front of the cards is not really a question. It is illustrated in the Flags and Countries example.

Please note that the "papi Jo" versions of Dialog Cards and Drag & Drop are unofficial versions, and make sure you read the full documentation and disclaimer before uploading to your own site.